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Pacote com 31 script para sb0t5

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1Pacote com 31 script para sb0t5 Empty Pacote com 31 script para sb0t5 em Dom Abr 13, 2014 9:51 am


Descrição, créditos, download:

Admin Scripts

scribble.js  -  by oobe
scribble command
seen.js  -  by oobe
find when a user joined the room
quotes.js  -  by oobe
add chat quotes
historial.js  -  by u|maur0
Chat history
roomsearch.js  -  by SalvadorOlea.NET
search for chatrooms

Game Scripts

8ball.js  -  by oobe
cleverbot.js  -  by oobe
chatter bot
poll.js  -  by oobe
criar uma enquete para as pessoas votar
joke.js  -  by oobe
awful jokes

Other Scripts

top.js  -  by oobe
check typing stats
weather.js  -  by oobe
share your weather forecast
youtube.js  -  by oobe
show youtube video titles
hashlink.js  -  by oobe
decode and encode hashlinks
hashlinkviewer.js  -  by oobe
real time hashlink viewer
fish.js  -  by oobe
fishy fishy ><>
bitchslap.js  -  by ??a?le??â„¢
slap someone out of the room
avatar.js  -  by sebas78
the script places an avatar by sex is that has no avatar
player.js  -  by jfrk
print user audio updates
gyazo.js  -  by soberbio
gyazo decryption
images.js  -  by sorrow
find image links
anonimo.js  -  by u|maur0
Detecta a usuarios anonimos, los confirma y hace un reemplazo de ellos
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